You would not know it now, but 30 years ago what we now know as City Market was urban blight…deserted streets, boarded up buildings, and broken windows. Thankfully, a group of investors from out of town saw an opportunity and with a lot of money, a creative concept, and the foresight of faith, they built this section of Historic Savannah into a charming marketplace of shops, restaurants, galleries, museums, and bars. Signature Gallery was conceived approximately three years into this rebirth.

The idea of Signature Gallery was the dream of two Savannah artists who are still in residence today...Kathy Miller and Sharon Saseen. The design for the Gallery was donated by a New York architect and the renovation was given to the artists by the City Market Partners. 

The Gallery opened in August of 1992, formerly named the Showcase Gallery of City Market. It was a very exciting time for everyone involved. It was a new venture; the future was bright, and the camaraderie among the artists was unprecedented.

Renamed Signature Gallery, it is a beautiful work of art flooded with natural sunlight surrounded by some of the South’s most architecturally historic neighborhoods. The artists’ spaces are cleverly designed, and the public can always be greeted by one of its knowledgeable and ever-informative artists.

Signature Gallery is celebrating its 29th year and is known as a successful cooperative of popular local artists working together and always being grateful to the architect and to City Market for giving them this wonderful opportunity.  

The Gallery is open Monday-Thursday from 10 AM till 6 PM

Friday and Saturday from 10 AM till 8 PM

Sunday from 10 AM till 5PM

303 West Saint Julian ST, Savannah, Georgia 31401


Web: www.Signaturegallerysavannah.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SignatureSavannah