Debbie Leecock


A decorator and designer for more than 25 years, Debbie creates comfortable living spaces for sophisticated homeowners across the USA.  She also designed product showrooms in some of the largest to-the-trade markets in the country, decorated retail showrooms for business owners large and small, furnished model homes for builders, and staged houses to enhance their allure to potential buyers. When it comes to Christmas decorating her work has garnered rave reviews and numerous awards.  Whatever your design needs she is happy to use her wealth of experience and personal touch to make your vision a reality.

Succulent arrangements like those you see at Signature Gallery will enhance and embellish any décor or style. There is no faster, less expensive way to upgrade your look than with succulent arrangements designed to suit your particular need.  Whether they be created with Echeveria, Astroloba, Jades, Aloe, Desert Cactus or others, the possibilities of using succulents to add drama to your décor are endless.

Debbie has been creating succulent designs for decades and has worked with homeowners and businesses alike to develop these dramatic accents for their living areas and workspaces.  Her designs have been placed in many of the finest home and business settings in major metropolitan areas like Dallas, Memphis, Savannah, and the New York metro area. If you don’t see exactly what you want, she is happy to work with you to create your perfect piece.  Her forte is to understand her client’s vision and use all the skills at her disposal to make it a reality.

Spice up your home today with one of Debbie’s unique designs on display now at Signature Gallery. All pieces can be shipped or taken with.