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Sandra Edgar Davis

Sandra Edgar Davis uses her camera with imagination to chronicle the contrasts of light and color that reflect life being treasured .

She scouts the streets of her Savannah hometown capturing the nuances of a familiar scene : the solidarity of warm brick wall offset by a burst of fuchsia azaleas or the charm of a low country cottage draped with live oaks . Inspired by roadside home and natural marsh environment, Sandra transfers her personal observations into unique, dramatic paintings that reflect the delight and the exhilaration she feels every time she picks up her paint brush. You will also note that a collection of her paintings even lean towards whimsical, primitive folk styles.

Thanks to her husband's career as an airline pilot, Sandra has fine-tuned her art in studios and classrooms around the globe: Europe,Asia,South America, and throughout the United States.

As a former Miami resident and teacher with advanced degrees from Florida International University,Sandra taught special needs students to appreciate and experience art in all forms.

Her desire is to share her visions and to instill her heartfelt joy of life.

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"French Laundry"

"Davenport House"



"Sunset Park"

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