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Jim Guerard

Jim Guerard is a self-taught photographer who began exploring photography in 2007 as entertainment on weekends during long business trips to Europe and Asia. Jim ventured deeper into photography after retiring in 2014 and continues to hone his craft on Savannah's scenic vistas and through an active travel schedule. When venturing away from Savannah, Jim's priority is collecting images from around the world, intended to stir awareness and offer glimpses of elements in nature and distant cultures that are rapidly changing, and in some cases at risk of disappearing entirely. His travels in 2020 will include Norway, Iceland, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Scotland and South Sudan.

Jim has won numerous regional awards and his work has been published in magazines such as: Ideal Living; Southern Living Magazine; Savannah Magazine; Georgia Golf; The Met Golfer and Golf Digest. Jim's imagery has also been featured multiple times in National Geographic's Your Shot competitions and he is a National Geographic Top Shot award winner. Jim's images have also received awards and recognition as part of the following International Competitions: The Smithsonian Photography Awards; The International Photography Awards; The Monochrome Photography Awards and The Neutral Density Awards.

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