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Hans Heinsbroek

Hans Heinsbroek is the former Dutch ambassador to several African nations and to South and North Korea, and lived or stayed on all continents, providing him a wealth of subjects and pigments. His work shows a wide variety of both subjects and styles. His goal in art is to uplift the spirit of the viewers, including himself. The topic, the palette, and the brush stroke are determined by his sense of where and who he is at that moment.

He chooses not to be repetitive in his art; he does not want to be known for a particular style. Most of his paintings have details in them that are not seen in a cursory glance. Generally, his work is painted in small brush strokes. He began painting in 1999 under the tutelage of the Dutch painter and author Monica Rotgans. He has consistently attended her summer master classes since 2000 either in Spain or on Crete. From 2002 till 2006 he benefitted greatly from the guidance of Helen Lieros, one of Zimbabwe’s most noted artists.

My motivation while painting is Marian Anderson, arguably the best contralto and one of five most exceptional voices of the 20th century.. "I like to feel that the work I do is sufficiently prepared so that it is pleasing from the vocal standpoint. But beyond that, I know that a pleasing rendition is not all I must give. There are things in the heart that must enrich the songs I sing. If it does not happen - and it does not always happen - the performance is not fulfilled", Marian Anderson in her autobiography, p. 156, 1956.

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