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City Market is nestled in the heart of the Historic District of Savannah; and The Signature Gallery is situated in the center of City Market.

City Market is an excellent destination for locals and visitors; and, with hotels, restaurants, shops, and entertainment just steps away, there are lots of activities for everyone to enjoy each and every day.

On the map below, the location of The Signature Gallery of Savannah is indicated by a small red square in the top left area near the Savannah River.

River Street, Savannah's most popular avenue, is just a few blocks North of City market, and an easy stroll from The Signature Gallery. Or you might prefer to walk up to the Gallery after your walking tour of River Street. In addition to the beautiful artwork at The Signature Gallery of Savannah, City Market also offers numerous places to relax and sample delicious local food, drinks, and deserts - a welcome relief after a day of sight seeing!

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