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Doug Jones

Doug Jones - As a ceramic artist, I transform clay into things of beauty that are found on and around the coastal island I call home . . . mugs, bowls, vases and sculpture magically come out of the fire as a fish, sea turtles, manatees and other forms of island art for your use and enjoyment.
I create heirlooms meant to last for generations and I hope my work will give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Please visit my website at

14 Vase with Sea Turtles depicting their struggle to reach the ocean, - Wheel thrown and altered stoneware. High fired (over 2350 degrees) reduction

13 Lidded Jar with Sea Turtle (SOLD in Private Collection) - Wheel Thrown w/ lid, very detailed sea turtle sculpture added to lid. High fired

21 Serving Platter, fish in electric blues and purple very striking, - Hand built slab construction with carved and sculptural detail, high fired reduction

Large Sea Turtle Bowl - Detailed sculpture (both top and bottom) of sea turtle makes this a real conversation piece. High fired stoneware

19 Vase w/ sea turtles and starfish - Wheel thrown vase with a cream/sand color glaze high fired stoneware

13 Vase w/ handles looks great displayed w/ curly willow Wheel thrown and altered, high fired stoneware

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