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The Artists of Signature Gallery Savannah

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Lydia Bishop
Victoria Collett
Mimi Diamond
Pamella Dykema
Margie Sone Gravina
Cheryl Hardin
Hans Heinsbroek
Mark Larkin
Douglas McCulloch
Mark McKim
Kathy Miller
Kathryn Riechert
Phil Stark
Sharon Saseen
Elizabeth M. Slocum
Scott Whitten

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Kathy Miller artwork

Kathy Miller - works in watercolors, etchings and oil, with an emphasis on sunlight, color and design. Her paintings and etchings are often whimsical, moving easily between reality and fantasy. Her etchings are intricate in detail and are usually printed on handmade paper with heavy embossing.
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Sharon Saseen artwork

Sharon Saseen - Whimsical and romantic, her vibrant warm colors are inspired by the varieties found in the Southern life. Sharon uses oil, acrylic or watercolors to paint her Savannah and regional scenes.
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Mark McKim artwork

Mark McKim - Reflecting the peace, beauty and balance found in nature and presented in the stained glass medium, Mark enjoys adding dimension to his glass designs. Iridescent dragonflies, butterflies and plant life are found in many of his creations.

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Margie Sone GravinaMargie Sone Gravina

Margie Sone Gravina
is an artist and jewelry designer whose creations radiate all the passion and color of her native island, Dominican Republic.

Her jewelry, characterized by luxurious combinations of texture and color, is comprised mostly of fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones. Margie's also often adds the Larimar stone to her jewelry. Larimar is found only in one inactive volcano in the Dominican Republic. This blue pectolite is unique and is not found anywhere else in the world. It's beautiful blue and green color is like like the diferent colors of the Caribbean Sea. Woven together into eye-catching organic compositions, Margie's jewelry, with bold shapes and elegant simplicity, makes a dramatic statement .

Margie Gravina and her husband now work as a team designing their distinctive line of jewelry. He works as the silversmith, cutting and polishing the Larimar stones used in their jewelry. Traveling to her native island several times a year, they handpick the slabs of stones to be cut for their jewelry.

Artwork of Kathryn Riechert Kathryn Riechert

Kathryn Riechert was born and raised in Ocala, FL, and moved to Savannah, GA to pursue an education in art. In 2002, she graduated with honors obtaining a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design (majoring in 'Metals and Jewelry'.)

Kathryn's inspirations come from everyday life, as she seeks to transform the beauty she finds into the permanence of metal and stone. The designs are often uplifting with positive messages in the hopes that they can make the world a little bit brighter.

Kathryn fabricates with metal and also does glass enameling on copper. In 2010, she began to introduce recycled silverplate flatware into her designs. With a love for the history that the flatware has, these new pieces have a combination of elements: enamel, gemstones, and silver metalwork. Bringing new life to the flatware, while at the same time imparting a tangible history to the resulting jewelry design, is exciting!

The jewelry she creates is generally uplifting and/or happy, as she would like her impact on the world and those around her to, at minimum, be a smile.

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Artwork of Phil Stark

Phil Stark

Phil Stark is a fine art painter known especially for his watercolors. He also paints in oil and acrylic. In Signature Gallery you will find his paintings of Savannah and the lowcountry. There are both originals and reproductions available, framed and unframed. If you want to contact Phil about a purchase he will provide prices and shipping fees to you at that time.

His wife Andrea is also a painter in watercolor, acrylic and oils. She loves to paint in plein air and does paint Savannah scenes as well as flowers and still life. She is no longer in a gallery.

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Artwork of Lydia Bishop

Lydia Bishop

Lydia Bishop is an artist with a passion for painting. She considers making art a privilege, an incredibly absorbing process of making something from nothing but your ideas, your visual experience of the world around you and transforming that sensation into something someone else can see and share. The making of something from "scratch"....her art is the end of a lifelong exploration of creativity. Lydia has worked in oil, acrylic, found object collage and recently has explored the mysteries of encaustic paint. She attended painting classes at the University of Wisconsin and various workshops whenever time permitted.

About her art, Lydia says, "I believe that painting is a process that starts with a concept and takes you where ever your imagination leads. Different visual moments - color, shadow, shape, word, song or phrase - start the mind thinking how that could be made into an interesting or intriguing canvas. Sometimes, you know exactly how it will end and sometimes you are surprised." To that end, she has found a new fascination with encaustics, the ancient art-form of wax painting.

Her Mixed Media entries in the Landings Art Association Spring Show were awarded a first place in 2012 and second place in 2013. Her work may be seen at the Plantation Gallery of Skidaway island and Signature Gallery in City Market, Savannah. Lydia was raised north of Pittsburgh, PA, received a BSN from the University of Michigan and lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin for many years. Drawn by the art, the history, the charm, the beauty and yes the warm weather, she is a recent transplant to Savannah. "So many paintings, so little time" is what she has found in her beautiful new surroundings.

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Cheryl Hardin

By combining unexpected combinations of color, shapes, and ideas, Cheryl's paintings are captured on canvas in a fluid and impressionistic style. She creates original works in oils, using both palette knife and brush. Soft brush strokes and often muted colors provide mood, balance, and emotion in her work. Imagery spills on the canvas as she paints.

Cheryl has studied with some of the finest contemporary artists in the nation, including Chris Groves, Bill Davidson, Roseta Santiago, Ann Templeton, Dee Beard Dean, and Ken Wallin.

No matter what form it takes, Cheryl believes art should unite artist and audience. Her goal is that the audience of her works will experience some of the same emotions driving her creativity.

"The paintings I create that are deemed to have a certain mystique are the ones where the painting itself takes over. I am merely extending the brush which has its own vision. When the painting develops with the least interference on my part, the work truly becomes what it was meant to be."

Upon relocating to Savannah, Georgia in 2015, Cheryl immediately immersed herself in the art scene as a member of the Landings Art Association, the Skidaway Art Salon for Fine Art, and Signature Gallery of Savannah. Cheryl is pleased to be represented by City Market's original gallery, Signature Gallery of Savannah. Known for its fine art offerings, Signature Gallery has welcomed visitors and art collectors from around the world during its more than 25 years in the same location.

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Scott Whitten

Scott Whitten shares, "One of my earliest memories is of watching my grandmother at her easel painting a landscape onto a tiny canvas no more than a few inches wide. Witnessing her create these miniature worlds was instantly fascinating to me and began my lifelong interest in art."

Today Scott creates his own miniature worlds. His meticulous, painterly approach to enameling results in pieces that are a distinctive blend of art and jewelry.

"The feeling I get while hammering, bending, cutting and forming metal is that of creating order from chaos; construction from destruction. My metal pieces attempt to embody that feeling through the use of lines, shape, form and texture."

In contrast with his enamel pieces, Scott's metal work reflects a modernist, almost architectural approach, inspired in large part by his love of Mid-Century Modern design.

Scott creates all of his pieces in Savannah, Georgia, using a variety of metal work and enameling techniques.

View more of his work online at

Mimi Diamond

With a unique eye for color, Mimi regularly creates privately commissioned "joy of the moment" inspired paintings, either in realistic, impressionistic or abstract style. "Pleasing a client is a creative, satisfying endeavor and a collaborative effort. There is so much to take into account other than the image, sun, light, reflections, atmosphere, texture and color theory, not to mention the client's vision. Getting the final piece to surpass their expectation is a challenge. The resulting piece can be surprising!"

Mimi's love for landscapes and seascapes everywhere and the constant visual thrill of living among the lush marshes and and glittering water of the low country has helped hone her color palette and the way she approaches a subject.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Mimi has been a Savannah artist for 43 years. She first worked as an artist in Atlanta for John Harland Company and Rich’s Department store. In Savannah, she was a fashion illustrator with Adler Department Store and then a graphic designer for Kennickell, Carter and Newton Advertising Agency, Candler Hospital and Union Camp Corporation (International Paper). She has been painting all her life and won her first art award at age ten in Ocean City, N.J. Mimi has a fine arts degree from Stephens College and has taken MBA classes at Savannah State. She continues to study painting and has taken classes with with artists West Fraser, Chris Groves, Dee Beard Dean, SCAD professors Jeff Markowsky and James Langley, Julie Hanson, Joe Miller, Tom Jones and Jane Slivka.

Mimi’s website is Her paintings can also be seen at the Plantation Club Gallery, Merrill Lynch Gallery, Signature Gallery in City Market and the Savannah Airport Gallery in Savannah, Georgia.

Pamella Dykema

After raising a family in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Pam Dykema, who often referred to herself as "Harriet Housewife," decided it was time to take on a new challenge. Just before she and her husband Bob moved to the coastal Southeast, Pam decided to further explore her artistic nature and her knowledge in the art of watercolor. It was something that she had had an interest in for a number of years.

Growing up in the Midwest town of Galesburg, Illinois, Pam enjoyed arts and crafts but never became serious about any particular media. Smitten with her first few lessons in watercolor, she was hooked. North Carolina was her next home and it was there that she pursued her newfound interest, learning more and more about light and shadow, color, design and shape.

Upon moving to Savannah, Georgia in 1996, a real passion for color and design began to grow. "Savannah is like a flower that just keeps opening." Pam relishes being in Savannah to capture the beauty of its historical architecture, seasonal flowers, marshes, waterways, and beaches. In the fall of 2001, Pam joined Frances Mills in a studio/gallery in the Franklin Ward South building in the City Market district of historical Savannah. While on the 2nd floor in this acclaimed location Pam assisted in forming "Gallery" 11, a co-op gallery of 12 artists, later added #9 and currently shares space in Gallery #10 with noted portrait artist Patrick McLean.

Life remains a blessing for Pam doing what she loves in a location which offers a vast amount of Savannah scenes.

In addition to her body of work on display here and in her gallery, Pam accepts commissions to paint boat, home and personal portraits.

Pamela’s website is


Mark Larkin

Mark Larkin is an American born artist who earned a BFA Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and completed a one-year Art Studies Programme at Manchester College of Art and Design in England. He studied with the great and under-appreciated sculptor, Sidney ‘Buz’ Buchanan in Omaha and Keith Godwin, a noted sculptor in England.

He put his career on hold when real life intruded on his art and after 35 years in art exile he has returned to his first passion…Art! His current works incorporate welded steel but he combines many other media including found and fabricated objects, photos on steel, kinetic pieces and shaped wood. Larkin creates each artwork using his jack of all trades "Rube Goldberg" like skills to produce original artworks. He likes to combine unusual methods with invented tools to create unexpected results.

Being very lucky to pick up where he left off, Mark wasn’t sure if he could find whatever talent he may have possessed so he started small. He's always enjoyed working in metals and had to re-teach himself how to work with steel. In 35 years, welding technologies have changed and so his learning curve was a bit daunting but he's been having fun learning new skills and recalling old ones.

Mark told himself “Fun” was going to be his key for returning to art and creating works that illustrated that concept. He's still working primarily in metals that allow him to create abstract forms with a bit of humor and whimsy. His works tend to look organic and non-industrial which seems counter intuitive for welded steel, but he hopes his sense of enjoyment and the fun of creating these pieces comes through. Mark works out of his studio in Bluffton, SC where he's busy catching up on the lost years.

Mark's website is

Elizabeth M. Slocum

Growing up in a family of artists and artisans in upstate New York, Elizabeth became aware at an early age of the many mediums of creativity available. Whether pottery, painting, mosaics, or sculpture, she was never quite able to find her niche.

Wanting a career in the creative field, she became an advertising/marketing account exec for media giant, Hearst Corporation in New York after graduating with a degree in business/marketing. During this time, she continued her love of art honing several different medium skill sets.

Eventually, she left her position at Hearst to relocate seventeen times to various places around the globe with her husband, Chip, who is in the energy business. Taking advantage of the multi-cultural experiences she encountered helped her focus on more specific areas within the world of art. From owning an interior design/event planning/flower shop to teaching stained glass classes, Elizabeth never veered far from the creative vein.

In 2010 she stumbled onto a form of mixed media art that she continues to mold and refine into a technique she can call her own. Using acrylics and oils to start backgrounds and detail, she then adds in custom papers, glass, metals, re-purposed items, and natural fibers to design a piece of art that is filled with texture and depth. Each piece incorporates papers that are either handmade or purchased from Asian marketplaces. Then the one-of-a-kind piece is finished off with many layers of a sealant blend that she created through hours of experimentation. In addition to mixed media pieces, she also works with watercolors, acrylics, oils, and paint pouring techniques.

Elizabeth has exhibited and sold her work mostly in cities on the east coast along with shows in Texas and Mexico. She resides with her family on Skidaway Island and is the current President of The Landings Art Association.

Visit Elizabeth's Website at

Douglas McCulloch

I have always loved working with my hands and tools of all sorts to make and fix things. Before retiring from the corporate world, I began looking for a creative outlet involving wood and found woodturning. I have been turning for 11 years now using both domestic and imported hard woods. A great deal of my wood comes from salvaged sources (saved from the wood chipper) here in Georgia. I tend to start pieces using recently cut logs which take longer to complete because after shaping and hollowing a piece, it must dry slowly for up to 12 months before putting it back on the lathe for finishing.

Like many things in life, woodturning is easy to learn the basics, but takes a lifetime to master. One of the reasons I love woodturning is the infinite variety of pieces that are possible, and the challenge of maximizing the artistic potential of a given piece of wood or log. I am currently exploring color and complimentary materials (resin, glass, metal, paint, minerals, etc.) in my art which has greatly expanded the breadth and interest of my work.

I have several juried awards to my credit, including a "Best in Show" at the 2012 Arts Clayton Juried Art Show. I have also been represented in the past by the Mountain Mist Gallery in Cashiers, NC and the 2 Rules Gallery in Marietta, GA. I am a member of the American Association of Woodturners, the Lowcountry Woodturners here in Savannah, and The Landings Art Association.

Hans Heinsbroek

Hans Heinsbroek is the former Dutch ambassador to several African nations and to South and North Korea, and lived or stayed on all continents, providing him a wealth of subjects and pigments. His work shows a wide variety of both subjects and styles. His goal in art is to uplift the spirit of the viewers, including himself. The topic, the palette, and the brush stroke are determined by his sense of where and who he is at that moment.

He chooses not to be repetitive in his art; he does not want to be known for a particular style. Most of his paintings have details in them that are not seen in a cursory glance. Generally, his work is painted in small brush strokes. He began painting in 1999 under the tutelage of the Dutch painter and author Monica Rotgans. He has consistently attended her summer master classes since 2000 either in Spain or on Crete. From 2002 till 2006 he benefitted greatly from the guidance of Helen Lieros, one of Zimbabwe’s most noted artists.

My motivation while painting is Marian Anderson, arguably the best contralto and one of five most exceptional voices of the 20th century.. "I like to feel that the work I do is sufficiently prepared so that it is pleasing from the vocal standpoint. But beyond that, I know that a pleasing rendition is not all I must give. There are things in the heart that must enrich the songs I sing. If it does not happen - and it does not always happen - the performance is not fulfilled", Marian Anderson in her autobiography, p. 156, 1956.

Victoria Collett

Upon her arrival in Savannah, 2008, Victoria Collett has been inundated with marsh, hurricanes, wind and breezes. She credits Mother Nature with her love for turning movement into a solid, viable force who resides at the tips of her watercolor brushes.

With that in mind, Victoria, a true blue Aussie, has traveled from her home in Australia wending throughout the world to land in the south of the United States. Her teachers include Ruth Leaf, Krishna Reddy, Rebecca Willis, Wayne Chambers, Tony Van Hasslet and a bevy of art schools from Paddington in Sydney, Brooklyn Museum Art School and the School of Visual Arts (NYC) to New York University. She has exhibited where-ever she has lived and is held in numerous private collections.

These days, Victoria focuses on watercolor and the addictive effects of being surrounded by the southern marshland.

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